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    Dps Dk Apply.(DECLINED)


    Dps Dk Apply.(DECLINED)

    Post  Fkdruids on Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:05 am


    Character name: Fkdruidsgrr
    Race: Tauren Male
    Class: Deathknight

    Profile: Please link your armory profile (remember to log out in pve gear)

    Talent Spec: Main Spec & Off Spec
    Both my specs are Dps, i think that if i only have dps as spec i will have more searius dpsing and make more dps.
    Off Spec Quality: for what content is it acceptible for?
    i can respec tank offspec if u want to
    Professions: What are your professions and why did you choose those? How do they help you?
    Herbalism 465 its good for some extra farming.
    Consumables: How do you come prepared to raids?
    With flasks, food with buffs, full repaired and always do my best and be searius.
    Previous Guilds: List your previous guild(s) and why you left them
    Now im in a noob guild becuse my friend is gm (guild master) so i did it for him but now i want to make my playing more searius and more sofistcated.
    PvE Experience: What is your experience in Vanilla / TBC / WotLK ?
    Ulduar 11/14 toc 5/5 all other cleared. well toc is cleared just wanna tell u that i cleared it

    What are your goals in game?
    To be a more searius and active player and get better gear and becoma a real nerd!
    Why do you think Exordium is the guild for you? Do you have any other active applications to other guilds?
    I realy think that this guild will help me and i will help u with progresses in ulduar 25 hms and togc.
    I think this is right for me!
    Tell us why should we choose you and how can you help the guild
    U should choose me becuse i can raid all days and all times whenever u want, and i will always do my best in raids and im a social and active player. Smile
    How do you get your information about your class?
    I just search on internet on all websites and different forums.

    Tell us some things about you name, age etc.
    Im a geek from sweden that want to play more and be more active and better. 15 years old tho, wow is my life.
    Do you have a ventrilo and a mic that you can use?
    Always 24/7
    Our raiding times are: Monday+Wednesday+Sunday: 20:00-00:00 25man. in how many of them you can attend?
    I can raid everytime as i said earlier. I'm here for u to help this guild and my self ofcourse! Smile

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    Re: Dps Dk Apply.(DECLINED)

    Post  nixx on Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:33 am

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    Re: Dps Dk Apply.(DECLINED)

    Post  Eva on Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:43 am

    Good luck in finding a suitable guild


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    Re: Dps Dk Apply.(DECLINED)

    Post  Willy on Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:35 am

    Apart from that, your name doesn't help at all, being the Guild Master an awesome DK-tears-eating Druid Cool

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    Re: Dps Dk Apply.(DECLINED)

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