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    slashcarè survival hunter application :) (DECLINED)


    slashcarè survival hunter application :) (DECLINED)

    Post  slashcar on Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:34 pm


    Character name:Slashcarè

    Profile: Please link your armory profile (remember to log out in pve gear

    Talent Spec: Main Spec & Off Spec: im tryin 2 different specks. MM and SURVIVAL so little of both Wink

    Off Spec Quality: for what content is it acceptible for?

    Professions: What are your professions and why did you choose those? How do they help you? 435 in ALCHEMY 465 Herbalism

    Consumables: How do you come prepared to raids? make some flasks and repair my gear by some arrows,food,feast's

    Previous Guilds: List your previous guild(s) and why you left them: order of the pillowcraft thats just a friendly guild whith members i know irl Smile and newley dinnged 80 whith this char i play druid as main. Smile

    PvE Experience: What is your experience in Vanilla / TBC / WotLK ? tbc i did all exept BT. wotlk dune all raid exept trial of the grand crusader. dune to yogg*saron on uld 25 on my druid. Smile


    What are your goals in game? Gear my char and Win, Have fun when raiding. Dont know what more to say

    Why do you think Exordium is the guild for you? Do you have any other active applications to other guilds?

    Tell us why should we choose you and how can you help the guild:i Will bring some flask and always raid when it is raid. Im sa happy raider i dont wine, Just dps:ing ^^

    How do you get your information about your class? Smile

    Tell us some things about you name, age etc. My name is stefan i live in sweden my friend will maby play on my char sometime Smile i am werry hot xD

    Do you have a ventrilo and a mic that you can use? Yea i Got ventrilo+MIX and a full working mick.

    Our raiding times are: Monday+Wednesday+Sunday: 20:00-00:00 25man. in how many of them you can attend? All 3 there i always play.

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