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    Zyrar - Level 80 Prot Warrior (ACCEPTED)

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    Zyrar - Level 80 Prot Warrior (ACCEPTED)

    Post  Zyrar on Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:15 pm


    Character name: Zyrar
    Race: Tauren
    Class: Warrior


    Talent Spec:

    Main Spec - Protection
    Off Spec - Arms

    Off Spec Quality:

    I'll be honest, I have never really played dps since the very beginning of Wrath of the Lick King and so my gear ranges from Naxx 10 gear to ToC 10 gear, although I'd say my offspec isn't very viable, I never play Arms so none of the gear is enchanted and the gems are just random rare's.

    Professions: What are your professions and why did you choose those? How do they help you?

    My professions are Mining and Skinning, I chose Mining for the bonus health it provides as a passive bonus for having the skill at max, any extra health I can get is useful as a tank mainspec character. My skinning isn't maxed, I started to level it up but didn't put a huge amount of effort into it, I'll level it when I have some free time, I just took it for the crit bonus for if I ever have to dps and for the extra threat whilst tanking.

    Consumables: How do you come prepared to raids?

    I bring flasks when raiding anything such as Ulduar or ToC, some people are adamant about bringing flasks to every raid, however I don't feel with a ToC geared character the extra 1k health a flask of stoneblood will give is irrelevant really if clearing somewhere like Naxxramas. I will also bring any food to raids I need, unless Fish Feasts are provided as I know they often are by at least one person.

    Previous Guilds: List your previous guild(s) and why you left them

    This character was actually my alt whilst my Shaman was my main, this is why it doesn't have the ToC 25 achievement and all its Tier 9 gear is item level 232, but my Shaman and Hunter do have the achievements, my Shaman's guild disbanded (Memories on the Alliance side of Sylvanas) and alot of the core members (GM, Officers etc..) went to join Method and Kill Loot Repeat. I took this time to quit WoW for a month or so. I eventually came back to WoW and decided to play my Warrior as it has always been my favorite character. My friend Kaiym (A holy paladin on Sylvanas) also came back to WoW at the same time, so we made a deal, he would transfer to Sylvanas and I would change my Warrior from a Human to a Horde character, and so Zyrar was born. Therefore I actually don't have any previous guilds on this character.

    PvE Experience: What is your experience in Vanilla / TBC / WotLK ?

    Classic WoW:
    Unfortunatly didn't play WoW during classic as I was much much younger so no raid experience here.
    (Except for fun runs of MC and Onyxia etc.. at level 70 and 80)

    Had only just started playing WoW here, and played a Tauren Resto Druid, I was as i will admit a noob to end game raiding back then as once again I was much younger and didn't play as much therefore the only instances cleared were:
    Karazhan (Druid and Warrior)
    Gruul's Lair (Druid and Warrior)
    Magtheridon's Lair (Druid and Warrior)

    Naxx 10 (Hunter, Shaman and Warrior)
    Naxx 25 (Hunter, Shaman and Warrior)
    VoA 10 (Hunter, Shaman and Warrior)
    VoA 25 (Hunter, Shaman and Warrior)
    OS 10 (Hunter, Shaman and Warrior)
    OS 25 (Hunter, Shaman and Warrior)
    EoE 10 (Shaman and Warrior)
    EoE 25 (Shaman)
    Ulduar 10 (Shaman, Warrior [Not cleared on Warrior])
    Ulduar 25 (Shaman)
    ToC 10 (Hunter, Shaman and Warrior)
    ToC 25 (Hunter, Shaman and Not fully cleared on Warrior)
    Onyxia 10 (Hunter and Warrior)
    Onyxia 25 (Hunter and Warrior)


    What are your goals in game?

    *Having Fun
    *Socializing with people
    *Raiding (I enjoy raiding)

    Why do you think Exordium is the guild for you? Do you have any other active applications to other guilds?

    I feel Exordium is the guild for me as you have the level of progress I am used to, I'm used to clearing ToC 25 content and not being able to do so whilst guildless isn't all that fun, you happen to be recruiting my specific class and spec which makes me feel confident that I may get a raid spot and not be benched all the time for being the new guy, and above all I hope you are a group of people I can enjoy playing with, I've never met anyone in game I really don't like but it's no good playing with people you don't like after all.

    And no I have no other current applications.

    Tell us why should we choose you and how can you help the guild:

    I feel you should choose me because you are in need of a Protection Warrior, and I just happen to be looking for a guild. I have all the experience required (including some Ulduar 25 man hard modes), the only experience I lack is ToC 25 hard modes. I already have the gear to raid ToC 25 and Ulduar 25 but above all I think I'm easy to get along with and I don't whine if things don't go to plan.

    How do you get your information about your class?

    I use sources such as Elitist Jerks and look at the patch notes on Wowhead, and of course, assess any advice I'm given from players in game, as long as I can tell it's serious advice.

    Tell us some things about you name, age etc...

    Hi there, my real name is Alex, if you want to be specific I'm 18 and 5 months old and I live in merry old England [UK], however I don't like drinking tea. I just finished my A levels at school, (for any non UK members, these are exams that you take at the age of 18 after your 2 years of optional education), however I never wanted to go to University. I currently have a part time job working for a retail store called Argos and I have a Saturday job at a local government building, they aren't exactly the best of careers but they bring in money.

    Do you have a ventrilo and a mic that you can use?

    Yes, I've been using Ventrilo for over 4 years.

    Our raiding times are: Monday+Wednesday+Sunday: 20:00-00:00 25man. in how many of them you can attend?

    All of them, I'm looking for a guild that raids 20:00 onwards as I live in the UK so 20:00 = 19:00 over here so anything earlier than that I cannot make as I work.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this application,

    P.S. If you have any anything you would like to ask just post it here, whisper me in game or if I'm not online send me in game mail, I'll be happy to reply.

    Also here are the armory links of my Shaman and Hunter so you know I'm not lying about the ToC 25 achievements etc..
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    Re: Zyrar - Level 80 Prot Warrior (ACCEPTED)

    Post  Vtr@ on Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:33 pm

    Best application i've ever seen Surprised
    Good luck

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    Re: Zyrar - Level 80 Prot Warrior (ACCEPTED)

    Post  Musi on Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:33 pm

    Accepted for trial

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    Re: Zyrar - Level 80 Prot Warrior (ACCEPTED)

    Post  nixx on Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:40 pm

    please contact me (nixx), Denneve, Musi or faelyn in game

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    Re: Zyrar - Level 80 Prot Warrior (ACCEPTED)

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