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    Tank warrior(DECLINED)



    Tank warrior(DECLINED)

    Post  grumer on Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:43 pm


    Character name:Grumer


    Talent Spec:Protection/fury (as tank i have 37,8k hp unbuffed and 557 def rating,as fury i need work to do).

    Professions:Blacksmithing/mining full both.

    Consumables:In raids i know all tacts because i watched tankspot videos and i have done them all and i use flasks and foods from cooking.

    PvE Experience:Hmmm i have no experience in vanilla and TBC because i started wow 1 year ago, but from WOTLK i know all raids.


    What are your goals in game:To have some fun on raiding and progressing with people who have brain know what they are supposed to do and don't slack on a raids and watch tankspot videos in youtube so no point to getting late before bosses to tell tacts and spending time for nothing.(don't matter if there are wipes there will be a lesson from wipes do it correct next time javascript:emoticonp('Very Happy'))

    Why do you think Exordium is the guild for you:Well this is a very good guild with good,social and brained people who like raid.
    Do you have any other active applications to other guilds:I have an apply at guild nexus but they have given me no answer yet(that doesn't mean that if you take me i will leave you for nexus if they want me).

    Tell us why should we choose you and how can you help the guild:Hmmm thats a good question.I am a good tank with nice gear with experience in WOTLK raids and that can help alot the guild in my opinion.

    How do you get your information about your class:I saw a friend of mine tanking and i kinda liked it,i leveled up the warrior and i asked him about everything a warrior tank needs and he explained me about an hour.


    Tell us some things about you name, age etc:My name is Mike.About the age i know that this is important to tell, i am 18 years old.

    Do you have a ventrilo and a mic that you can use:Yes i have ventrilo and mic.

    Our raiding times are: Monday+Wednesday: 20:00-00:00 | Sunday : 19:00-00:00 the 25man. in how many of them you can atten:Your raid times are very good and i can come to all of them.


    Re: Tank warrior(DECLINED)

    Post  grumer on Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:25 pm

    i forgot to tell the guilds i was in and why i left.
    I was a mamber of the Epic failure but there was only one officer still active and he couldn't do anything for a guild that had 120 members in.I was also in the guild Slaves of the feasts but the guild was disbanded.Now i am in the guild Undispated but they say we have a raid but they don't show up or they are too late for my shedule.

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    Re: Tank warrior(DECLINED)

    Post  Faelyn on Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:07 am

    I noticed some strange choices in gemming and enchanting. Specifically, the defense on shield instead of stamina even though you're way over def capped, and the various gems to reach a socket bonus where you're using some less than optimal gems. Is there a reason for these things? I'm aware of the importance of hit and expertise on a warrior for their threat generation, however gemming a hybrid hit/exp gem to reach a +4 dodge bonus seems awkward to me.

    I would pass you for a trial, however our Warrior Class Leader will have a look as well, and I'd like to hear about those choices too. : P

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    Re: Tank warrior(DECLINED)

    Post  Eva on Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:29 am

    i would also recommend enchanting 15 Stamina and Minor Speed Increase on Boots.. if you want to lower your defence rating you can change your shield enchant or your back from 16 defence rating to 22 agi Smile

    good luck with your application


    Re: Tank warrior(DECLINED)

    Post  grumer on Tue Nov 03, 2009 3:42 pm

    I knew that my expertise was too low and i made food from cooking for expertise and now i put some expertise gems on me, i saw the diference and you had right.

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    Re: Tank warrior(DECLINED)

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