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    destro lock is Applying exxet(ACCEPTED)


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    destro lock is Applying exxet(ACCEPTED)

    Post  exxet on Tue Oct 27, 2009 11:28 pm


    Character name:Exxet

    Profile: Please link your armory profile (remember to log out in pve gear)

    Talent Spec: Main Spec & Off Spec:

    Destruction MS , destro PVP OS

    Off Spec Quality: for what content is it acceptible for?

    for pvping

    Professions: What are your professions and why did you choose those? How do they help you?

    I have engeneering and inscription , insc gief me alot of money and glyps ofc and gief me rly good shoulder enchants . engeenering giefs me funny mounts cinda funny proff and gief run boost and 24+ crit on boots , and got repair bot .

    Consumables: How do you come prepared to raids?

    allways have flask to raid , repair bot's reagents , money to repair . and finish all my homework and studdys for the week so i can be 100% focus on raid

    Previous Guilds: List your previous guild(s) and why you left them:

    i was in Vir Mortalis . i lefted becuase i was like social in the guild and the gm was cinda retarded . i accepted for all raids , and didn't gave me 1 chance to raid with them . for 3 weeks . thats my reasons.

    PvE Experience: What is your experience in Vanilla / TBC / WotLK ?

    i raided , BT and SSC . on TBC didn't played on vanilla .


    What are your goals in game?

    1.To Progress good.
    2.have a friendly and nice guild.
    3.have fun in raids.

    Why do you think Exordium is the guild for you? Do you have any other active applications to other guilds?

    no this is the only one , actually i don't know i saw the guild saw many ppls all was good geared and seems to be good .

    Tell us why should we choose you and how can you help the guild

    becuase , iv'e got brain when it comes to heroics . social and can help with the futher progress .

    How do you get your information about your class?

    readed alot , of rotations speccs and abilities of the class. and i really know my class have being playing it for awhile . and some friends helped me in the begining

    Tell us some things about you name, age etc.

    my name is Patrick Cederroth , im 17 years old.

    Do you have a ventrilo and a mic that you can use?

    i have ventrilo mix / ts everything , and yes i have a mic.

    Our raiding times are: Monday+Wednesday: 20:00-00:00 | Sunday : 19:00-00:00 the 25man. in how many of them you can attend?

    all of them , don't got so much school anymore thats why i looking for a good guild that's raids alot .

    MVH : pleasure king exxet
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    Re: destro lock is Applying exxet(ACCEPTED)

    Post  Eva on Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:39 am

    i liked your application, as it wasn't writen in 30seconds.. Cool Good

    luck with your application and officers will decide!

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    Re: destro lock is Applying exxet(ACCEPTED)

    Post  Willy on Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:03 am

    Accepted for trial. Good luck.

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    Re: destro lock is Applying exxet(ACCEPTED)

    Post  exxet on Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:06 am

    thanks , ill try my best in the guild .

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    Re: destro lock is Applying exxet(ACCEPTED)

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