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    Raids and times FAQ


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    Raids and times FAQ

    Post  Willy on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:03 pm


    I'm here to update on how raiding will work overall regarding times and whatnot.

    The raiding days as of now, are:

    Monday @ 20.00 WoW time
    Wednesday @ 20.00 WoW time
    Sunday @ 19.00 WoW time

    And they all last until 00.00 WoW time.

    Now, basically what i ask of you is, when you get invited to a raid, either accept it if you will show up or decline if you think you won't be able to make it (Also, it is advised that you provide me, or an Officer with a valid reason as of why you are not showing up).

    Now, to what i like to call: Willy's Wicked Baseball System®️ !

    Basically if you sign up for a raid, and you don't show up for it, or show up more than 20 minutes late, you will get flagged with a Strike 1 and be penalized with -20 DKP. Also the date you commited that "infraction" will be noted.

    If you do the same thing a second time within 1 month* you will be flagged with a Strike 2 and lose 40 DKP. And if you happen to do it a third time within the same month you will get expelled from the guild, no questions asked.

    *If, after a Strike X, you DO show up everytime during that month, your current Strike will be lowered by 1 rank. (Note: you actually have to show up for the raids, like, you can't just decline raids for a month (which that, by itself, would get you kicked all the same Razz)).

    Now, regarding our raids, as you know, 10 men content is off the DKP and is puggable BUT it would be prefered that you didn't PUG ToC 10 (and Onyxia 10) because we will continue doing a second group for them, so we gear people properly, and start doing ToC 25 heroic all the sooner.

    Also, although Ulduar 25 is no longer on the DKP, people can still bid on items if they want priority over them (Bids > MS Rolls > OS Rolls > Alt rolls) and it is ideal that you DO show up for Ulduar 25 as we need to gear people up and i will consider it disrespecting other guild members if you already have all the gear you need and don't show up.

    As more people get well geared, we may also bring alts, in a balanced way, to gear them up too, so i will take note if you do miss a lot of Ulduar 25 raids and warn you.

    That is all for now,

    -The Bear God cat

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