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    DKP FAQ - announcements


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    DKP FAQ - announcements

    Post  Tomoshibi on Wed Oct 21, 2009 4:41 pm


    As the majority of you know, Exordium uses a DKP system different than that of the most guilds so i'm making this FAQ in order to enlighten the new people as of how it works in it's integrity, here it goes:

    What type of DKP system is it?

    The type of DKP system we will use is called "Silent Bidding", it means the Raid Leader will announce the item that is being auctioned, and the people interested in the item will whisper the Raid Leader with a single number between the minimum and maximum value of the item in question. The person who bids the most and providing that person has sufficient DKP and is priviliged on the priorites, will take said item. Last, but not least, the way we get DKP is the following: when a Guild member bids on an item (no matter what the amount), the DKP spent will be evenly distributed by all participant members, meaning at the end of the raid, all the DKP spent on items will be summed up and be evenly distributed among everyone, that's your DKP pool.

    With how much DKP do i start on Exordium?

    Everyone starts with 100 DKP, whether you're a Trial, Member, Raider, Class Leader or Officer.

    What are the minimum and maximum values of the items?

    The minimum and maximum values of the items are as follows:

    -Accessories/Non-tier pieces -> Min: 40 / Max: 80
    -Weapons -> Min: 60 / Max: 120
    -Tier 8 (iLevel 226) -> Min: 60 / Max: 120
    -Tier 9/Trophy of the Crusade -> Min: 70 / Max: 140

    What about if nobody wants an item and i want it for off-spec? Will i pay the same prices?

    No, when an item is bid for off-spec purposes, you will always bid half the minimum bid automatically; no more, no less. (Example, you want to bid on a sword for off-spec, the minimum bids for weapons are 60, so that means a weapon for off-spec will always cost 30 DKP regardless).

    What happens if two or more people bid the same DKP amount on an item?

    When that happens, usually the person with most DKP will take the item. However, there are other things to take into consideration. For instance if a person bids but doesn't have enough DKP points, other person with sufficient points will take it and also priorities have to be taken into account.

    Which are these priorities that you speak of?

    A person in the guild with "Member" or "Raider" rank always has priority on item biddings over a person with the rank "Trial". But even though you are a Trial, don't be shy on bidding because eventually someone might not need an item and in order to speed the auction, the Raid Leader will check all the biddings and determine tho whom the item will go (Example: don't wait until the Raid Leader says the item goes for Disenchant, to bid on the item; if you're a trial).

    How do i get promoted to "Member" and "Raider" and what do these ranks actually mean?

    Usually, we won't keep someone on the "Trial" rank more than 2 weeks, meaning that you will either get promoted to "Member" if you're Mementum material or you'll be invited to leave the guild if you failed to impress us. Ofcourse that, if the Officers feel you are a great asset to the guild and a great person to socialize with, you might even get promoted to Member much sooner than the standard 2 weeks.

    Regarding the "Raider" rank, this rank will be attributed to Guild Members that are active and show up to the raids very often. What this means is that "Raider" members will always have priority getting invited to the raids, when there's a surplus of people online (more than 25), for these are the people who are truly committed to the Guild progression.

    Will i be able to know how much DKP the other people in the guild have?

    That's a negative, this is done to prevent tactical bidding. However, your DKP will be constantly updated after each raid, and you will be able to consult it at any time.

    To finish up, rules are rules so this is Law right?

    Virtually yes, these are very strong guidelines that will be used during our Raids, however, we are not machines and sometimes common sense will have to kick in in order to resolve uncommon situations. Basically, Officers reserve the right to make extraordinary decisions with unusual situations that might arise.

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